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Alkaline Water

Change Your Water,
Change Your Life!

Water is the most important substance in the world.

But not all water is created equal.

 Did You Know?

900 deaths and 900,000 reported illness are attributed to tainted water annually

Water stored in plastic bottles leaches phthalates from the plastic which disrupts normal production of hormones

25% of all bottled water is untreated tap water

Why Kangen Water®

glass_lightKangen Water® is healthy drinking water rich in minerals, purged of impurities, and ionized through electrolysis. Alkaline ionized Kangen Water® is an excellent choice for healthy hydration. Not only does it taste great and refreshing, but it also helps you avoid impurities AND save money!

Healthy hydration with a clean, refreshing taste. And life-changing versatility. For true wellness today, use only the best water in the world.

There are various types of water in the world, however we proudly assure that Kangen Water® is unique and truly beneficial for your body. We hope that you can improve your health with Kangen Water®. You can maintain a healthy lifestyle utilizing all five of our waters described below.

True Health is not only maintained through the water we consume but with all the water we use in our daily lives…water for drinking, cooking, personal care, general cleansing and sanitation. We invite you to join our happy human network of True Health and experience the many uses of Kangen Water®.

Our goal is always to achieve optimal True Health! The purpose of Kangen Water® is to activate cells. It is now accepted that active oxygen is a cause of many illnesses and Kangen Water® offers immediate benefits by removing unnecessary active oxygen from one’s system because of its strong oxidation reduction potential (ORP). This is the type of water that offers True Health benefits! Click here to download the benefits of Alkaline Water.

Problems With Commonly Used Waters

“Most supermarket waters have a positive ORP
while Kangen Water® has a negative ORP.”

Tap water is a healthier option than soft drinks. But according to the Environmental Working Group, there have been 315 pollutants found in America’s tap water since 2004, and over half of these pollutants are completely unregulated and can legally exist in any amount.

At the current levels of contamination, the public is starting to question the quality of tap water and wonders if it is safe enough to drink. Based on these facts, it’s no wonder that the demand for Kangen Water® is constantly increasing.

Bottled water is not necessarily healthier than tap water and yet it costs much more! Although associated with healthy water, bottled water is not guaranteed to be any healthier than tap water. Often the only difference is the added minerals which have no proven health benefits.

A four-year study by the Natural Resources Defense Council shows that 1/3 of the bottled water tested contains levels of contamination which exceed allowable limits. Bottled water can also be slightly acidic, which may affect your body’s pH balance. Finally, the environmental impact caused by the production and disposal of plastic bottles is harmful to our ecosystem.

Reverse Osmosis is a filtering process which may be effective in areas that do not receive municipally treated water and is commonly used in bottled water facilities. The problem with this process is that dangerous chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and chlorine are molecularly smaller than water and can pass freely through the filter. Reverse osmosis removes healthy, naturally occurring water minerals. These minerals not only provide good taste, they also serve a vital function in the body’s system. When stripped of these minerals, water can be unhealthy. Also, 2-3 gallons of water are wasted for every gallon of purified water produced.



How do I use Kangen Water® for beauty care?fresh-face

Because winter air is extremely cold and dry, skin care is especially important during this time. Without taking care of your skin properly, you will suffer from dry and rough skin. Bodily fluids play an important role in maintaining your body temperature and the health of your skin.

Drinking alkaline Kangen Water® can help maintain glowing, smooth skin. Since it is important to maintain your skin’s pH level between 5.0 and 6.0, we recommend spraying acidic water on your skin at regular intervals throughout the day.

During the winter, bathing in acidic water can help preserve the moisture of your skin. We also recommend that you eat foods and fruits that include high levels of vitamin C, A and E. Treating your skin with beauty water will let you enjoy life even more by giving you smooth and youthful skin.

Kangen Water®

$1.50 per gallon

You must bring your own container.

We recommend BPA Free containers.


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